VoicePro prides itself on providing our clients with the best solutions and service at the best price. We take the time to learn about each and every one of our customers to make sure every one of their needs has been addressed.

But don’t just take it from us! Hear testimonials from what real VoicePro clients had to say about their experience work with us for their phone and IT solutions.

“They came in and listened to my needs and learned about my environment, then they were able to provide a solution that worked for me.”

– Commercial Bank

“I looked for other NEC providers here in the St. Louis market area, and by far VoicePro offered more for less.”

– Surdyke Harley Davidson

“With (VoicePro’s) technical support, anytime we have a problem I call over there and immediately get it fixed.”

– Vatterott Harris Law Firm

They just seemed to have the whole package ...

“The system gave us the advanced features we were looking for, including instant messaging, desktop presence & built in automated reporting that is very easy to manage. Reporting in our business as critical, and the reports never worked correctly on our previous system. In addition, they were competitively priced and there was never any pressure from the sales team, only assistance & a willingness to understand every aspect of our business.” -Sandy (Commercial Bank)

The transition went very well ...

“They had a lady out who spent weeks here helping us transition from the old phone system to the new phone system. The training was very good. She came out here several times because we have people here at different times during the day. She was also available by email and phone support when we needed her.’ — Paul (Building Services)

Whenever I call, they’re really helpful ...

“The guys on the phones can actually talk you through a lot. They respond immediately. I always have somebody here the next morning if I need them or I would have them even that evening if I really needed to. Their service is great and they’ve always taken care of any problems or requests.” -Marilyn (commercial real-estate)

Anytime I call they’re always there ...

“… to either answer questions or they’re very prompt with their customer service. I know I can email or call Jane at any time, and I know that if I call customer service with any kind of a question or any kind of a service related call, they’re always there for me. I know they’ve come several times I guess had to come and help me or do demonstrations that I needed on this phone service. I guess the best thing is that they’re very accommodating, and they’re very good with helping us when we need it.” -Laura (pediatric)

They’re state of the art for us and our phone system.

“Actually, it’s their knowledge. They’re state of the art for us and our phone system. We like that, and their service, generally is, has always been there. They’ve helped us move from one facility to another facility. Their bottom line is, they give good customer service.” -Charlotte (management services)

Well, that was the easiest installation we’ve ever had.

“I was really impressed with how they took care of us, and especially during the bidding process because it takes us awhile to make a decision. They stuck with us and I’m glad they did. We really benefited from the installation of this system and it’s a simple system and not a lot of maintenance and we’ve just been really happy since we installed it. Plus, it made me look good because the owner said, “Well, that was the easiest installation we’ve ever had.” -Brenda (cleaning & restoration)

I got to choose the best fit for me.

“…what I liked about my meetings with our sales representative is it wasn’t just one product line that I got to see. I got to see multiple product lines and price points and pretty much choose what was a good fit for me, and he gave me some direction with all that, so that was good…” -Jeromy (Direct Mail & Presort Experts)

You don’t have to call us ...

“They basically set it up to say you could be trained on how to use it very quickly and then you don’t have to call us for support if you don’t want to. They really didn’t shy away from the fact that they needed to be the ones who were going to support you. They were completely comfortable saying, “Let us show you how the system works so that you can manage as much of this as you like.”” -Jason (Transportation)

They were willing to go the extra distance ...

“…they were very thorough in the bidding process and quoting out the information and really evaluating what our needs were and giving us some options that would satisfy and meet those needs as well as some recommendations of some things that we maybe weren’t doing or weren’t thinking about that would beneficial for us. That’s kind of why we ended up with them. Prices most of the time come in pretty close but anyone who is willing to go the extra distance to provide things above and beyond what we ask for always bodes well with us.” -Katie (Country club)