How VoIP Can Improve the Customer Experience

  Customers are the most important part of any business. Without them your business has no chance of thriving. A group of loyal, happy customers can be a deciding factor on the success or failure of an organization. A happy customer can do a lot for you. They will most likely come back to you […]

Tips for Preparing the Switch to VoIP

VoIP offers many large advantages over traditional phone systems.  The most significant of those being that VoIP allows for connecting your business on a global level as your employees to tap into your company’s phone system from virtually any location. Because of this – and the large amount of money companies save on not only […]

Unified Communications as a Service: Transforming Healthcare

Unified Communications as a Service (UCS) has become a highly influential technology in the past several years. It has taken ordinary businesses by storm, changing the way businesses interact internally as well as with customers. However, UCS is not just making its mark on the world of business. It is also changing the way we […]