How VoIP Can Improve the Customer Experience


Customers are the most important part of any business. Without them your business has no chance of thriving. A group of loyal, happy customers can be a deciding factor on the success or failure of an organization.

A happy customer can do a lot for you. They will most likely come back to you again and again and they are also likely to help spread the word about you, helping you reach new audiences and potential customers through word of mouth. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2012, 92% of respondents said they trust their friends’ recommendations.

Additionally, it was shown that a customer will inform an average of 9 friends about a positive experience, while telling 16 of a negative experience.

With that at stake, keeping customers happy and constantly improving the customer experience needs to be a top priority for any organization.

One way to help increase customer experience is to improve the way you communicate and connect with them. An efficient, top-of-the-line VoIP phone system can make all the difference when dealing with customers.

Really? Yep! We’ll walk you through why.

Never miss a call

VoIP phone systems are equipped with numerous advanced features like Find Me/Follow Me and call forwarding. They help ensure your business and employees never miss a call from your customers.

Find Me/Follow Me enable one call to register on multiple phones simultaneously. So, if one person is unavailable the call can be answered by another to talk to the customer.

Call forwarding lets employees have their work and mobile phones connected. A call made to the office when they aren’t present will automatically be transferred to their mobile device.

All of this combines to reduce customers’ time spent listening to a ringtone, on hold and drastically reduce unanswered calls.

VoIP extends support hours

VoIP systems are Internet-based, enabling them to possess complete geographic mobility – connection from anywhere. With this perk, business can hire remote workers who are available for 24-hour customer care to the public.

As long as you can have an employee available when your customers are, your business can guarantee customers can have their problems taken care of no matter the time of day.

VoIP auto attendant

Your VoIP phone also comes equipped with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The IVR allows callers to manually select options from a list and be automatically transferred to their extension without a live representative.

Although this option removes a little bit of your company’s human element, it is a strong alternative if you do not have the resources to hire remote workers or a secretary. IVRs reduce labor and overhead costs of businesses while also reducing miscommunications for the caller.

VoIP increases phone call speed

With standard telecom networks, callers – even frequent ones – have to provide their representative with information every time they call, which is a tedious and time-consuming repetition.

However, a VoIP setup will automatically retrieve all the client’s information every time they call. This kind of efficiency get answers to customers faster and cuts back on their time on hold, which can seriously hurt satisfaction.

VoIP saves you money

This may not sound like a benefit to your customers. To your business, maybe, but not your customers. However, consider the results of being able to save on phone expenses and what that opens up for you.

The cost of VoIP is lower than a standard telecom network – both in upfront costs over time – which lets you cut down on your businesses overhead budget. Your overhead factors into pricing. Therefore, with fewer costs, your business will be able to offer lower prices on goods and services, keeping your customers satisfied.

With VoIP, businesses have the opportunity to provide a smoother, faster and more efficient communication process with their customers, substantially increasing their customer service abilities.

Ready to take the step to providing the best customer service possible? VoicePro’s team of professionals are ready to work with you. We will find the VoIP setup that best fits your needs and equip you with the knowledge and know-how to use it. Contact us today.

Tips for Preparing the Switch to VoIP

VoIP offers many large advantages over traditional phone systems.  The most significant of those being that VoIP allows for connecting your business on a global level as your employees to tap into your company’s phone system from virtually any location.

Because of this – and the large amount of money companies save on not only upfront costs but those over time – businesses all over the globe are making the switch to VoIP systems.

If you are one of these forward-thinking businesses, or tinkering with the idea, you are making a great decision! But how much will change will your company have to undergo to prepare for the switch?

Thankfully, not much.  However, there are a few things you can do to make switching to VoIP a smoother transition and start taking advantage of all VoIP systems have to offer sooner.

Make sure you have when you need

Another great perk of VoIP is that because it is entirely internet and cloud-based, very little equipment is require to make the switch.  However, there are a few basic considerations that a company investing in VoIP need to have available.

Luckily, they are all fairly basic items that you may already have available.  In addition, the shopping list pales in comparison to that of a traditional landline system requirements.

Just make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • A reliable broadband connection. A good rule of thumb is that your company will need enough broadband that one-third of your employees can simultaneously use the phones.
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers. A DIDs are virtual numbers that allow you to route calls to existing phone numbers. It may sound a little confusing, but don’t worry, your VoIP provider will provide you with one. Just make sure you have it on hand.
  • Ethernet and RJ11 cables. These are your typical phone and internet cables. There should be plenty lying around the office. If not, you can buy them on the cheap!
  • The right phone equipment. Before installing the VoIP, you must determine how you each employee will be connected. There are a variety choices in phone equipment from digital IP phones, soft phones, Wi-Fi phones and analog telephone adaptors.

Add any necessary hardware

There are a variety of VoIP phone services that will require different network hardware in order to utilize it. What hardware your business requires depends on your needs and the features you want.

For example, the hardware you purchase may depend on the type of firewall your network has. Some firewalls will block VoIP ports.

Find the right provider

The most important part of the transition is making sure you have chosen a provider that will be there every step of the way, like VoicePro. From our initial conversation, through the installation and even after your system is being utilized, VoicePro is at your disposal to answer any and all questions, help you understand all your options, offer advice and help resolve any issues that may appear.

National providers cannot offer the type of personalized service and care that VoicePro can.  If your current provider isn’t cutting it or you are ready to make the switch to all VoIP has to offer, contact us today!


Unified Communications as a Service: Transforming Healthcare

Unified Communications as a Service (UCS) has become a highly influential technology in the past several years. It has taken ordinary businesses by storm, changing the way businesses interact internally as well as with customers.

However, UCS is not just making its mark on the world of business. It is also changing the way we provide help and care to others in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry has begun to embrace the collaboration, budgeting, efficiency and value that UCS has to offer. Of course, being in the business of helping others, these are extremely important values.

Here are some of the reasons why healthcare industry leaders are flocking towards UCS for their operation.

Simplifying Communication while Enhancing Collaboration

Communication and collaboration among staff members is critical – more so than in any other environment – in hospitals. Lives and wellbeing are on the line and these professionals must provide the urgent care that the public depend on.

With UCS, doctors and nurses can consolidate all of their messaging needs into a single device. This eliminates the clutter of various pagers, phones, tablets and other devices throughout the day. This not only simplifies their communication abilities, but it enhances collaboration by ensuring all coworkers can contact each other with ease.

Increase in Functionality

With UCS, doctors and nurses now have a myriad of methods of communicating.  They have the option of texting one another, as well as sending emails from their personal device. With video conferencing also available, doctors can consult with other offices and healthcare facilities more easily.

Phone services can also be shared across a variety of branches.  For larger hospitals that manage multiple buildings and various departments, this is especially useful. This enables them with a way to share phone services between separate buildings while providing a single network to sync and store all necessary information in in the event of a disaster.

UCS Enhances the Quality of Care

So what does this all really amount to? Better communication, collaboration and functionality all lead to healthcare professionals and businesses being able to do their jobs better and more easily. Namely, providing better care to the people who need it.

For example, healthcare facilities often must transfer patients to more specialized facilities to receive the best and proper care. In doing so, they need to transfer all of the health records of the patient. With UCS, doctors can electronically upload and port all records between doctors and hospitals instantly.

Additionally, video conferencing can communicate more effectively with other hospitals, as well as consult with specialists outside of their hospital.

Reduction in Healthcare Costs

Another direct benefit to both the healthcare facilities and the people they are care for is the amount of money UCS saves. UCS is cheaper and easier to maintain than on premise telecom as it adds increased value and allows doctors’ offices and hospitals to lower their overhead costs.

Since the cost of care is partially contingent on the overhead costs of healthcare, lowered overhead costs will positively impact the community by enabling doctors to provide more affordable care to patients.

With UCS, healthcare facilities can save money, provide better care to patients, enhance communication between coworkers and increase collaboration with other healthcare facilities. Are you in the business of helping others? Evaluate your current telecom set up, there may be a lot you are missing out on.

Employee Spotlight: Chris Cordon

As a VoicePro technician, Chris Cordon serves many important roles.

Not only is he tasked with the installation of our clients’ voice and data technology, but he also must serve as a guide for our clients to understand their new systems. Chris says he – and the rest of VoicePro’s tech team – are masters of the transition.

“All our techs have a knack for explaining terms and helping our customers understand their new systems,” Chris said. “It can be confusing stuff at times, but I believe we are able to translate a lot of the information into a way that makes sense, even if you aren’t an expert.”

Chris has been with VoicePro for just over a year, but his experience and expertise in voice and data spans much, much longer than that. He spent 7 years installing telephone systems in addition to another 4 years working with data systems.

As VoicePro continues to expand and take on new services, Chris says there has really been a merging of the two fields.

“The two have really fused together,” Christ said.  “If you want to be the best tech you can be, you really have to be proficient in both. Now a days they go hand-in-hand.”

Chris is what you could call a well-traveled individual! Born in Guatemala while his parents were on vacation, Chris spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles before his family moved to Arkansas where he finished high school and lived for several more years in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Although he is not technically “from” the area, he still holds the southwest close to home.

“They say if you’ve eaten the food enough you can call it home,” Chris jokes.

He moved to St. Louis searching for a strong voice and data company to join for the next step in his career and found VoicePro. Now married with four children, St. Louis is the place he calls home.

Chris’ dedication and interest in the world of technology is not limited to just serving VoicePro. Outside of work, Chris enjoys training himself in different systems and learning repair as a way to expand his repertoire.

“I really enjoy problem solving,” Chris said. “If there is a technological solution I want to learn and understand it. I think that is why I love my job. It is my favorite part of what I do.”

It is this inquisitiveness that really drives Chris. He has a question, he finds a solution. It goes just the same for our customers: they have questions, he wants to give them an answer.

Chris prides himself on that attitude, and it is the same attitude that the rest of the team at VoicePro share.

“Our customer service is outstanding. We have a tremendous response time that minimizes downtime for our customers,” Chris said. “Big box companies can’t guarantee that the same way a company like VoicePro can.”

If you are fed up with just being treated like just a number by one of the big guys or are trying to find the right provider for your voice and data upgrades, VoicePro is your destination. Our team is filled with quality, caring and knowledgeable professionals like Chris, all ready to help improve the way you do business. If you’re ready to talk, call 314-292-5465 or schedule a conversation online today!

VoIP and SIP: The Acronyms of Telephony

When investigating your telecommunication service options, it is very easy to get lost in the weeds.  When acronyms like VoIP, SIP trunking and others get thrown around, it can be enough to make your head spin if you aren’t exactly a techie or familiar with the subject.

However, understanding the technology available to you is important to find exactly what best meets your needs. Don’t worry, we can walk you through it!

We’ll cover the two big essentials: VoIP and SIP trunking; but first, let’s start off slow and go through the “P.”


Understanding VoIP and SIP trunking is made infinitely easier if you’ve got a grasp on Protocol.

VoIP and SIP trunking allow users to use the Internet – which was designed for the transmission of data but technically not voice – for vocal communication. A number of terms are used to discuss transmitting voice over the Internet including: Internet telephony, voice over broadband, broadband telephony, IP communications and broadband phone service. So, whenever you hear these different terms being tossed around don’t worry, they are all basically conveying the same thing.

However, in order for computers and other digital devices to exchange messages and information, a protocol system has to be established.

Protocol is a well-defined format used by developers to exchange consistently understandable messages. These protocols have become an industry standard due to them being an essential to reliable communication.

All VoIP and SIP trunking are is different protocol systems!

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP services convert voice into a digital signal that travels over the web. Essentially, your average computer or Internet-connected device has the capability of acting as a circuit-switched network, like a traditional land-line phone. If you are calling a regular phone, the signal is converted into a regular signal before it reaches its destination.

VoIP allows for a wider range of communication and a seamless transition from Internet and traditional voice communication. It is usually offered via subscription on a month-to-month basis.

SIP Trunking: Session Initiated Protocol

SIP is capable of transmitting all types of media, not just voice. These “trunks” transmit packets of data, which can include voice and other data, like video. However, unlike VoIP, SIP trunks are a physical connection, making them more suited for intra-business communication.

Between their differences, VoIP and SIP trunks actually go hand-in-hand and are traditionally offered together.

Having a hard time picturing it? Think of it like this: consider the difference in the ability to make just a voice call to the ability to make a video conference call. VoIP services allow for the voice conversation, but transmitting video for a face-to-face over the web would require SIP trunking.

Learning the terminology and functions of your telecommunications technology can be a headache.  But, with the right team at your side walking you through every step it can be a breeze. VoicePro’s customer care advocates, sales team and technicians are all extremely knowledgeable, available and happy to help you with any concerns or questions.

If you are ready to start working with a winning team, contact us or call 314-292-5465 today!

Employee Spotlight: Roger Allen

In the past, Roger Allen has worked in both customer service training as well as with communication companies.

At VoicePro, Roger has found a place he can merge his expertise into one position.

Roger recently completed what he described as a “fast-paced” first year as Customer Service Manager at VoicePro.  In his role, he keeps close tabs with customers.

From the start of their relationship with VoicePro, Roger works with the technical staff, sales department and customers ensuring service satisfaction, addressing any issues or lingering questions.  Another aspect of his role is helping with timely upgrades to enhance an organization’s ability to optimize their business communications.

In such a technical field, Roger says quality customer service and support is key.

“It’s important to be able to translate the technical side to our customers,” Roger said. “Some of the language and terminology can get heavy, so we need to always keep the customer’s perspective in mind.  What does this function really mean to them and their business?”

Before joining VoicePro, Roger spent many years working with phone companies nationwide as part of his duties at Weatherline, a provider of local time, temperature and weather by phone systems across the US – a role that involved a significant amount of travel.

“This experience gave me a keen understanding of a diverse range of customers, exceeding expectations, the significance of every detail and the vital nature of cultivating long-term relationships.  Dealing with challenges posed by telephone companies both large and small was an excellent test of my patience,” Roger said.

Having now been with VoicePro for a year, Roger says the difference between working with a local and national communication company is night and day.

“VoicePro has a dedicated, experienced team helping a broad range of clients navigate an often complex subject,” Roger said. “Our response time is amazing and our team really cares.  VoicePro pays attention to all the little details in ways larger companies can’t or won’t.”

A St. Louis native, Roger spent much of his younger years traveling.

“My dad worked with a telecom company that transferred him a lot,” Roger said. “From age 9 to about 17, we bounced from California to North Carolina to Wisconsin before coming back to Missouri.”

Roger went on to graduate from Mizzou, and immediately following graduation, worked for a year at a local radio station as a DJ.

“It was a small station,” Roger said. “I hosted a Sunday evening oldies show called Cruisin’ Music.”

When he’s not hard at work meeting with and helping customers, Roger is spending time with his family or the self-proclaimed “soccer fanatic” is enjoying a match on TV.  Roger has been married to his wife Julie for 19 years and has two teenage boys – who he is usually shuttling to and from basketball games.

Want to work with Roger and our team of stellar customer service advocates? Call VoicePro today.

Employee Spotlight: Anthony Abbate

In an ever-changing and evolving field such as telecommunications and IT, it takes a knowledgeable front-line tech team. At VoicePro, we have that in our team, including Anthony Abbate.

Anthony is on his way to his 5th year at VoicePro as a technical consultant. In his role at VoicePro, Anthony oversees and executes the installation of VoicePro’s voice and data systems. As VoicePro continues to expand and grows its list of services and solutions, Anthony and the rest of the team work on developing standard operating procedures to ensure future jobs continue to go smoothly.

The company has changed quite a bit in the five years Anthony has been here, but that is OK with him.

“The changes keep things interesting,” Anthony said. “I enjoy the challenge that change presents & how it will benefit our customers. We mostly did premise systems when I started and we continue to install many of those every year, but what is most exciting is that we developed our own hosted VOIP system and that side of the business has really taken off! In addition, our data solutions are creating an impact and helping us grow. I like that it keeps us competitive and makes us a one-stop shop for our customers.”

The key to successful technical support is to learn as much as possible, Anthony says. He says he is always spending time learning about new products and services to be able to better answer on-the-spot customer questions.

“It’s important that we answer questions the right way,” Anthony said. “Giving our customers fast and accurate information is crucial. Even when I may not know the answer, I make sure I know how to get the answer from someone who does.”

Anthony’s job is flexible and different every day, which he says is what he likes the most. He also likes to work with a tight-knit group of around like-minded team members. He is constantly learning and expanding his repertoire.

Being born and raised in St. Louis, Anthony does really care about the community, companies, and people around him. Anthony comes from a family of Italian immigrants, both his mother and father came from Sicily.

“We always try and go back as a family every five years or so, and it is always exciting,” Anthony said.

Anthony grew up being very interested in computers and technology.  After graduating from Mehlville High School, Anthony spent three semesters at Missouri State studying computer science before finishing his education at Ranken Technical College. The degree and qualifications he received in school quickly landed him his position straight out of school.

Having worked with the same company for five years, Anthony has a strong appreciation for VoicePro and the way we do business.

“Our customer service is amazing,” Anthony said. “VoicePro has such an attention to detail that our competitors can’t match. Being a local business, we really care about the needs of our clients. We have a guaranteed Service Level Agreement with our support customers, and there aren’t many others that can say that.”

When he’s not helping our customers install new systems, Anthony is spending time with his young son Emmett, who recently spent his first Halloween dressed up as a Penguin! Anthony also enjoys fishing, playing the piano and guitar or participating in two men’s softball leagues during the warmer months. He also roots for his hometown Cardinals and Blues.

If you are looking to upgrade your network, both voice and data and want the support of a tech team with the most knowledge and are available when you need them, look no further than VoicePro! Anthony and our team of technicians will ensure your new system is installed quickly, correctly and help you along the way. Why not make the change today? Call 314-292-5465 today or schedule a conversation online!

Why More and More Business are Going VoIP

In this day and age, most would agree that utilizing a VoIP phone system in your business just makes sense. In fact, one-third of all business are using them and research trends point to a growth of almost 10% from 2014 to 2020.

So, why has a system introduced 20-some years ago become a major boom in the business world today?

Changes in technology have improved VoIP, features and functions year after year. Changes to how the world conducts business. These changes have all contributed to a growth in VoIP usage.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the key reasons VoIP is the present and future of business communication.


The world is more connected than ever, especially in the world of business. Many business, even smaller or more localized ones, utilize oversea employees, clients and contacts, multiple branches within a state or across the country and employees and employers are traveling more than ever.

VoIP allows for instant and easy communication across any distance, whether it is a branch across town or across the Pacific Ocean. New VoIP phone systems allow for communication anywhere, anytime. Without this level and efficiency of communication, many businesses cannot keep up with demands of modern business operations.

Business Priorities

Getting something done as quickly and as cost efficient as possible is Business 101. VoIP systems are as easy to install as ever and come with low overhead costs.

Hosted VoIP systems, for example, are stored and maintained by an off-site provider, so installing a hosted system for your business is as quick and easy as hooking up the phones and internet. And no equipment and installation translates to low up-front and monthly costs.

In addition, managing the growth of your business and phone system is a breeze with the ease of adding, removing or relocating lines.


Not all business is conducted at the office anymore. There is a growing need to be able to conduct business anywhere at any time with the rise of smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Combine that with the constant travel requirements for many employees and executives, hotels, airport terminals and even your home need to have the same kind of communication capabilities as the office. VoIP makes these requirements possible, connecting office phones and computers and mobile phones and computers under one network.

Technical Support

Let’s face it: not everyone is an expert on phone systems – a shocking revelation, I know. Sometimes things go wrong and it is the duty of the provider to resolve this problem.

With VoIP, users can receive 24/7 internet-based support, eliminating the need for an on-site technician. Many VoIP providers also offer IT services and training.

VoIP Quality Continues to Get Better

The biggest reason for VoIP expansion is the simple fact that it is a superior system that keeps getting better over time. Voice quality, efficiency, ease of use and helpful features all come give VoIP the edge over other systems

Is your business keeping up or falling behind?  VoicePro can help bring your business up to speed with the latest VoIP technology, features and services. Whether your current system is dated or obsolete or you need a hosted or
on-premise VoIP, we want to help your business grow. Contact us today to learn what VoicePro can do for you.



VoicePro, Inc. Partners with CloudJumper

VoicePro, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been certified to represent CloudJumper and will now be providing clients with top-of-the-line and customizable IT network solutions. This status recognizes VoicePro as one of the top providers of telecommunication and IT services in Missouri and a commitment to providing their customers with the best services and solutions.

VoicePro now provides customers with nWorkspace, powered by CloudJumper. nWorkSpace represents that next step in cloud computing — beyond just the desktop. VoicePro Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution makes customers’ IT hassle free IT, and provides anywhere access to business desktops, with more control, and multiple levels of security.

“We are extremely pleased to join forces with CloudJumper,” said Joel Gebauer, Director of Business Development at VoicePro. “VoicePro is always striving to provide the best services to our customers, and the support we now have from CloudJumper allows us to bring a whole new dimension of connectivity, security and ease.”

See for yourself what VoicePro can do for your company’s IT needs.

 About VoicePro

VoicePro, Inc. was established in 1988, based out of Earth City and serves the telecommunication and IT needs of the greater metropolitan St. Louis area. By partnering with services like NEC, Zultys and now CloudJumper, VoicePro stands on the frontline as a leader in voice, data and network products and services such as Business Communication Systems, Voice Messaging and Processing, Unified Messaging, Rich Presence/Call Logging/Desk to Chat, Voice Over (VoIP), Call Center Solutions, Call Recording, Disaster Recovery, Help Desk Services, Cloud IT Services and Workspace as a Service.

For more information about CloudJumper, visit their website and

Take Your Company’s IT to the Cloud

Businesses that take their IT seriously know that a business managed through the cloud runs smarter and more efficiently than those that rely on similar premise systems.

Simply put, cloud computing – or using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data – offers far more benefits for a business’ IT than the traditional, old route of working off a local server.

That is why VoicePro has joined forces with CloudJumper.  With nWorkspace powered by CloudJumper, VoicePro clients can rest easy knowing from top to bottom, all their business’ IT is in the best of hands.

So, what can you expect from taking your business to the cloud?

IT Simplified

VoicePro takes the hassle out of IT and simply gives you what you want: a manageable, inexpensive and non-distracting system.

The cost of setting up and managing equipment, servers and staff can seriously add up quickly if you take the hard road and try to do it all yourself.  VoicePro gives you the support you need, taking care of all the setup, maintenance and care of your system, letting you get back to what’s important – business.

Work Anywhere

Taking your workspace to the cloud lets you envelope all your internet devices under one network, not just your business phone and desktop.

Once you are within a shared network, connecting to your desktop, applications, email and data from anywhere on any device is a breeze. Its business as usual, in unusual places.

BYOD Support

But, what about security breaches?  With limitless access anywhere your employees want and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) attitude in the workplace, won’t the comings and goings and turnover of employees put your data at risk?

Without the cloud, you severely put your business in danger.  VoicePro’s workspace as a service provides you cost-saving and productivity gains from having anytime access to employees’ desktops for an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Business Continuity

Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice, including severe weather (Hurricane Matthew), power outages & internet crashes.  They all can leave your business in ruins if you aren’t properly prepared.

Not with a business that thrives in the cloud!

With nWorkspace from VoicePro, all of your data, contacts, information and files are stored and kept safe in the cloud, able to be recovered easily and accessed anywhere if the need to relocate or work in a new location should arise.

99.9% Security

As a thriving business, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your security and dealing with unwanted distractions and threats.

Data backup, spam filtering, virus protection, data-theft protection and disaster recovery plan support are just a few of the many ways you are kept safe and secure with VoicePro’s service that is located in  Tier IV data centers.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, a business supported by VoicePro is more versatile, prepared and secure.  Across the board, every level of your company can benefit from these kinds of services.

Employees are provided with the latest technology and updates, have the ability to work from anywhere and still have data protected and synched while always being supported by a knowledgeable team.

Upper-level management arguably has the most to gain.  VoicePro’s nWorkspace service eliminates the pains of setting up your system while having the ability to take control of your IT costs.  Your company’s information is also safe from hacks, ex-employees and disasters.

Are you ready to take your company’s IT to the cloud? With nWorkspace, powered by CloudJumper, VoicePro offers the best bang for your buck in cloud IT solutions.  Contact us today to get your business on the path to ease and efficiency.