Join the VoicePro Team

VoicePro is growing, and we are looking for a new member to join the ranks.

Customer care is very important to us and vital to our success. Since we opened in 1988, we have taken pride in providing our customers with the best care.

So, in an effort to keep up our strong standards of customer care, we are looking to bring on a new full-time Customer Advocate to join our team of customer care specialists.

Now, we aren’t just looking for anyone. We need a professional with experience and knowledge in the industry who can consult and work with our customers to help meet their goals and solve their issues.

What you need to bring to the team:

  • Telephone company operations experience, central office and porting knowledge.
  • IT and network architecture familiarity.
  • Proficiency in Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Comfortable using a CRM app such as TigerPaw or Goldmine.
  • Dependability; organization; significant attention to detail; good resolution skills.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet regularly with assigned customers.
  • Communicate in a courteous, professional manner the benefits of maintaining a Customer Support Agreement.
  • Listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy.
  • Clarify customer requirements; probe for and confirm understanding of requirements or problem.
  • Confirm customer understanding of the solution and provide additional customer education as needed.
  • Prepare complete and accurate paperwork and update customer file.
  • Use decision-support tools to respond to common customer work/service order inquiries and requests.
  • Prepare and present system upgrade quotes and advanced application solutions to customers to address and /or resolve specific business communication/operation challenges.
  • Conduct thorough implementation meetings, document complete implementation packets for all system cutovers.
  • Perform new end-user training and refresher training on products and/or service offerings.
  • Maintain basic knowledge of products and/or service offerings.


Interested in joining a thriving, fast-paced and rewarding business team or know someone who would be perfect for the role? We’d love to talk. Contact to get one step closer to joining the VoicePro team!

What is the Internet of Things, and how is it changing VoIP?

It feels like everything these days has Internet and communication capabilities. Whether it’s your refrigerator that lets you know your low on groceries or a parking lot that tells you when a spot is available, everything is connected. In fact, according to Cisco, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It allows objects to connect to sensors, which communicate with data from the Internet to provide improved functionality and information. IoT is rapidly shaping the business and consumer landscape, connecting everyday appliances with the Internet to give us a cleaner, better and smarter world.


It is even changing the world of VoIP.


Since VoIP is an internet-based phone system, your VoIP phones and all these different devices share the ability to be connected to each other anywhere, anytime and over any device. They all flow over the same network.

You can connect to your calendar, so all your VoIP phones are notified of upcoming events. Messages from your smartphone can be programmed to automatically drop into your email and your VoIP phone. You can connect with your car to send alerts to your phone when it needs maintenance, or even just get alerts in your car away from the office. You can even adjust the temperature on your thermostat without having to leave your seat.


So what do some of these innovations have to do with business?


All this boils down to giving you a smarter office. Connecting VoIP to the IoT can build an office that works faster, smarter, more efficient, from anywhere at any time. More and more businesses have or are currently making the switch to VoIP because it decreases the costs of business ownership, while improving efficiency for users. Imagine the possibility of pairing the potential of a connected world with your VoIP phone.

Picture equipment that notifies your company for the need for maintenance via text or email, eliminating the runaround of contacting and scheduling. All done automatically. Imagine crafting a smart home, giving you the ability to stay just as connected but in the comfort of working from home, or any location. The possibilities are endless when everything around you can be integrated with your VoIP.


When it comes to communication, desktop computers and PC’s are falling by the wayside because of the ease and efficiency of VoIP. VoIP is a powerful business tool on its own, but when connected to the IoT, it significantly enhances a person’s ability to conduct work and connect with other employees.

Are you and your company using VoIP? Get your company running faster and more efficient by integrating your phone systems to the world around you! VoicePro can help you update your phone technology or answer any questions you may have. Contact us today or see what kind of services we can provide for you.

Hosted versus Premise Systems

Is your current phone technology obsolete, outdated, not supported or are you just looking to embrace the newest technology? It may be time for you to upgrade your business’ telecommunications system.

Technological advances in the industry have paved the way for faster, more reliable and more efficient phone systems. There really has not been a better time to upgrade! The first step is deciding what kind of system you want for your business.

You have two basic options: Hosted and Premise VoIP. Both have their pros and cons and one may be better suited for a setup than another.

Don’t know the difference? Don’t worry! It isn’t that complicated, and we will walk you through the basics you need to know before you make a decision.

Hosted VoIP

With hosted services, all your voice and multimedia communications are sent, received and stored in a cloud. Because of this, hosted VoIP is often referred to as Cloud VoIP. All equipment is stored and maintained off-site by the provider.

Premise VoIP

As you can probably imagine, premise VoIP is the exact opposite. A more traditional set-up, premise VoIP puts all components of the system within the office location. Internal lines are integrated within a LAN.


Because they come with little equipment to set up and install at your offices, hosted networks carry with them a smaller up-front cost. After installation, costs remain relatively low for hosted systems. Because they are monitored off-site, there is very little to no maintenance cost to keep equipment tip-top. All upgrades and extra features come at the cost to the customer, but you can pick and choose what you want or not. There are also slightly higher monthly costs as you pay the provider for their service.

Premise VoIP will cost you a greater bit to start as you are responsible for purchasing all equipment necessary and installation. Maintenance costs also run higher because that is another area you take on responsibility. On the plus side, monthly service charges are much lower after initial expenses since the equipment is in your care. For all further maintenance and installation, you will have to bring in a technician also.


Adding a new line or expanding new locations with hosted systems can be done easily by simply adding new users to the cloud as needed for seamless integration. There may come at a slightly higher service charge each month. Downsizing your required number of lines is just as easy. Either way, you must ensure your bandwidth is large enough or adequate enough to handle the load since it is all online.

With premise VoIP, expanding locations or adding new lines must be done through purchasing a larger application and IP phones to accommodate the change. Although, like the up-front installation, this will not affect the monthly charges as much. If your size is in flux, you may be forced to eat some costs.

Other Features

Hosted providers have a lot more resources and knowledge at their fingertips when it comes to the tech side of it. This aspect helps you avoid confusion in installation, maintenance and installation of new features. And, although it is conducted over the web, the loss of internet is not catastrophic due to its ability to easily reroute calls.

Although you have to care for the equipment yourself, many services provide equipment and IT training and keep 24-hour troubleshooting. VoIP trunks can also be installed to help keep costs down and help secure calls in the event of internet loss or power outages.

There is a lot that goes into finding the right service for you, so don’t do it alone! VoicePro offers both hosted and premise systems and carries all the up-to-date services your business needs. Call today at (314) 426-8900 or schedule a free consultation online.