Employee Spotlight: Chris Cordon

As a VoicePro technician, Chris Cordon serves many important roles.

Not only is he tasked with the installation of our clients’ voice and data technology, but he also must serve as a guide for our clients to understand their new systems. Chris says he – and the rest of VoicePro’s tech team – are masters of the transition.

“All our techs have a knack for explaining terms and helping our customers understand their new systems,” Chris said. “It can be confusing stuff at times, but I believe we are able to translate a lot of the information into a way that makes sense, even if you aren’t an expert.”

Chris has been with VoicePro for just over a year, but his experience and expertise in voice and data spans much, much longer than that. He spent 7 years installing telephone systems in addition to another 4 years working with data systems.

As VoicePro continues to expand and take on new services, Chris says there has really been a merging of the two fields.

“The two have really fused together,” Christ said.  “If you want to be the best tech you can be, you really have to be proficient in both. Now a days they go hand-in-hand.”

Chris is what you could call a well-traveled individual! Born in Guatemala while his parents were on vacation, Chris spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles before his family moved to Arkansas where he finished high school and lived for several more years in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Although he is not technically “from” the area, he still holds the southwest close to home.

“They say if you’ve eaten the food enough you can call it home,” Chris jokes.

He moved to St. Louis searching for a strong voice and data company to join for the next step in his career and found VoicePro. Now married with four children, St. Louis is the place he calls home.

Chris’ dedication and interest in the world of technology is not limited to just serving VoicePro. Outside of work, Chris enjoys training himself in different systems and learning repair as a way to expand his repertoire.

“I really enjoy problem solving,” Chris said. “If there is a technological solution I want to learn and understand it. I think that is why I love my job. It is my favorite part of what I do.”

It is this inquisitiveness that really drives Chris. He has a question, he finds a solution. It goes just the same for our customers: they have questions, he wants to give them an answer.

Chris prides himself on that attitude, and it is the same attitude that the rest of the team at VoicePro share.

“Our customer service is outstanding. We have a tremendous response time that minimizes downtime for our customers,” Chris said. “Big box companies can’t guarantee that the same way a company like VoicePro can.”

If you are fed up with just being treated like just a number by one of the big guys or are trying to find the right provider for your voice and data upgrades, VoicePro is your destination. Our team is filled with quality, caring and knowledgeable professionals like Chris, all ready to help improve the way you do business. If you’re ready to talk, call 314-292-5465 or schedule a conversation online today!

Employee Spotlight: Roger Allen

In the past, Roger Allen has worked in both customer service training as well as with communication companies.

At VoicePro, Roger has found a place he can merge his expertise into one position.

Roger recently completed what he described as a “fast-paced” first year as Customer Service Manager at VoicePro.  In his role, he keeps close tabs with customers.

From the start of their relationship with VoicePro, Roger works with the technical staff, sales department and customers ensuring service satisfaction, addressing any issues or lingering questions.  Another aspect of his role is helping with timely upgrades to enhance an organization’s ability to optimize their business communications.

In such a technical field, Roger says quality customer service and support is key.

“It’s important to be able to translate the technical side to our customers,” Roger said. “Some of the language and terminology can get heavy, so we need to always keep the customer’s perspective in mind.  What does this function really mean to them and their business?”

Before joining VoicePro, Roger spent many years working with phone companies nationwide as part of his duties at Weatherline, a provider of local time, temperature and weather by phone systems across the US – a role that involved a significant amount of travel.

“This experience gave me a keen understanding of a diverse range of customers, exceeding expectations, the significance of every detail and the vital nature of cultivating long-term relationships.  Dealing with challenges posed by telephone companies both large and small was an excellent test of my patience,” Roger said.

Having now been with VoicePro for a year, Roger says the difference between working with a local and national communication company is night and day.

“VoicePro has a dedicated, experienced team helping a broad range of clients navigate an often complex subject,” Roger said. “Our response time is amazing and our team really cares.  VoicePro pays attention to all the little details in ways larger companies can’t or won’t.”

A St. Louis native, Roger spent much of his younger years traveling.

“My dad worked with a telecom company that transferred him a lot,” Roger said. “From age 9 to about 17, we bounced from California to North Carolina to Wisconsin before coming back to Missouri.”

Roger went on to graduate from Mizzou, and immediately following graduation, worked for a year at a local radio station as a DJ.

“It was a small station,” Roger said. “I hosted a Sunday evening oldies show called Cruisin’ Music.”

When he’s not hard at work meeting with and helping customers, Roger is spending time with his family or the self-proclaimed “soccer fanatic” is enjoying a match on TV.  Roger has been married to his wife Julie for 19 years and has two teenage boys – who he is usually shuttling to and from basketball games.

Want to work with Roger and our team of stellar customer service advocates? Call VoicePro today.

Employee Spotlight: Anthony Abbate

In an ever-changing and evolving field such as telecommunications and IT, it takes a knowledgeable front-line tech team. At VoicePro, we have that in our team, including Anthony Abbate.

Anthony is on his way to his 5th year at VoicePro as a technical consultant. In his role at VoicePro, Anthony oversees and executes the installation of VoicePro’s voice and data systems. As VoicePro continues to expand and grows its list of services and solutions, Anthony and the rest of the team work on developing standard operating procedures to ensure future jobs continue to go smoothly.

The company has changed quite a bit in the five years Anthony has been here, but that is OK with him.

“The changes keep things interesting,” Anthony said. “I enjoy the challenge that change presents & how it will benefit our customers. We mostly did premise systems when I started and we continue to install many of those every year, but what is most exciting is that we developed our own hosted VOIP system and that side of the business has really taken off! In addition, our data solutions are creating an impact and helping us grow. I like that it keeps us competitive and makes us a one-stop shop for our customers.”

The key to successful technical support is to learn as much as possible, Anthony says. He says he is always spending time learning about new products and services to be able to better answer on-the-spot customer questions.

“It’s important that we answer questions the right way,” Anthony said. “Giving our customers fast and accurate information is crucial. Even when I may not know the answer, I make sure I know how to get the answer from someone who does.”

Anthony’s job is flexible and different every day, which he says is what he likes the most. He also likes to work with a tight-knit group of around like-minded team members. He is constantly learning and expanding his repertoire.

Being born and raised in St. Louis, Anthony does really care about the community, companies, and people around him. Anthony comes from a family of Italian immigrants, both his mother and father came from Sicily.

“We always try and go back as a family every five years or so, and it is always exciting,” Anthony said.

Anthony grew up being very interested in computers and technology.  After graduating from Mehlville High School, Anthony spent three semesters at Missouri State studying computer science before finishing his education at Ranken Technical College. The degree and qualifications he received in school quickly landed him his position straight out of school.

Having worked with the same company for five years, Anthony has a strong appreciation for VoicePro and the way we do business.

“Our customer service is amazing,” Anthony said. “VoicePro has such an attention to detail that our competitors can’t match. Being a local business, we really care about the needs of our clients. We have a guaranteed Service Level Agreement with our support customers, and there aren’t many others that can say that.”

When he’s not helping our customers install new systems, Anthony is spending time with his young son Emmett, who recently spent his first Halloween dressed up as a Penguin! Anthony also enjoys fishing, playing the piano and guitar or participating in two men’s softball leagues during the warmer months. He also roots for his hometown Cardinals and Blues.

If you are looking to upgrade your network, both voice and data and want the support of a tech team with the most knowledge and are available when you need them, look no further than VoicePro! Anthony and our team of technicians will ensure your new system is installed quickly, correctly and help you along the way. Why not make the change today? Call 314-292-5465 today or schedule a conversation online!