Employee Spotlight: Roger Allen

In the past, Roger Allen has worked in both customer service training as well as with communication companies.

At VoicePro, Roger has found a place he can merge his expertise into one position.

Roger recently completed what he described as a “fast-paced” first year as Customer Service Manager at VoicePro.  In his role, he keeps close tabs with customers.

From the start of their relationship with VoicePro, Roger works with the technical staff, sales department and customers ensuring service satisfaction, addressing any issues or lingering questions.  Another aspect of his role is helping with timely upgrades to enhance an organization’s ability to optimize their business communications.

In such a technical field, Roger says quality customer service and support is key.

“It’s important to be able to translate the technical side to our customers,” Roger said. “Some of the language and terminology can get heavy, so we need to always keep the customer’s perspective in mind.  What does this function really mean to them and their business?”

Before joining VoicePro, Roger spent many years working with phone companies nationwide as part of his duties at Weatherline, a provider of local time, temperature and weather by phone systems across the US – a role that involved a significant amount of travel.

“This experience gave me a keen understanding of a diverse range of customers, exceeding expectations, the significance of every detail and the vital nature of cultivating long-term relationships.  Dealing with challenges posed by telephone companies both large and small was an excellent test of my patience,” Roger said.

Having now been with VoicePro for a year, Roger says the difference between working with a local and national communication company is night and day.

“VoicePro has a dedicated, experienced team helping a broad range of clients navigate an often complex subject,” Roger said. “Our response time is amazing and our team really cares.  VoicePro pays attention to all the little details in ways larger companies can’t or won’t.”

A St. Louis native, Roger spent much of his younger years traveling.

“My dad worked with a telecom company that transferred him a lot,” Roger said. “From age 9 to about 17, we bounced from California to North Carolina to Wisconsin before coming back to Missouri.”

Roger went on to graduate from Mizzou, and immediately following graduation, worked for a year at a local radio station as a DJ.

“It was a small station,” Roger said. “I hosted a Sunday evening oldies show called Cruisin’ Music.”

When he’s not hard at work meeting with and helping customers, Roger is spending time with his family or the self-proclaimed “soccer fanatic” is enjoying a match on TV.  Roger has been married to his wife Julie for 19 years and has two teenage boys – who he is usually shuttling to and from basketball games.

Want to work with Roger and our team of stellar customer service advocates? Call VoicePro today.

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