vp_interiorheader_standard_1VoicePro is a FCC certified SIP Dialtone Provider. However, you might ask: “What is SIP?”

With terms like VoIP, SIP, PBX and so on getting tossed around, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds and simply think your business’ connectivity is too complex.

Here’s the Internet’s definition:

“SIP is a Voice over Internet Protocol and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol by which Internet telephony service providers deliver telephone services and unified communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange and Unified Communications facilities.”

Still sounds complex doesn’t it? VoicePro’s mission is to work as closley with our customers as we can, help them understand all their options and to understand the ins, outs and all-arounds of their new systems. We make it as simple as we can so our customers can turn around and become knowledgable as well.

So, in plain speaking, here’s the VoicePro explanation:

SIP is your telephone lines delivered over a high-speed Internet connection.

VoicePro offers SIP connectivity (known as SIP Trunking) for faster and clearer voice through the cloud, rather than traditional lines. Here is what’s really cool about using VoicePro for your SIP Services:

  • We have easier access & shared control of services with our customers – easy web portal access to make simple changes as your business needs grow or shift.
  • Our SIP Trunks come with a Disaster Recovery feature built in at no additional cost to you – Traditional providers can forward your main number only, but we can do more.
  • VoicePro can port numbers from anywhere in the U.S.  Need a number from Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas or a number from any area code outside of St. Louis? No Problem. VoicePro helps keep you connected so you can best operate your business.
  • We can deliver dial tone over any broadband services such as coax, fiber, T1 or whatever you prefer. Best of all, we do it at a better price than the larger national companies.

You can read up more about SIP and the other essential acronyms of voice and data in our blog.

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