Our Cloud based virtual servers open new doors to businesses by offering both a secure and reliable environment.

Businesses today need technology solutions that help improve communications to customers, while driving productivity across the enterprise. They also need a reliable, high-quality phone system that simply works. Most of all, with your business environment in a constant state of change, you need a solution that’s easy to learn, easy to use, can fit all of your needs and be versatile and upgradable throughout the process.

Today, transforming your phone system is simple and cost-effective, regardless of your business – whether you have five employees or fifty – what it is you do or sell. Our platform adapts and adjusts to your needs, seamlessly working the way you need it to. That way, you can focus on your business, not your communications system.

With VoicePro Cloud VoIP you’ll get a platform that:

  • Provides high quality, reliable cloud-based solutions
  • Utilizes modern features with enterprise capabilities
  • Costs less up front and over time vs. traditional premise
  • Future proofs your communications system

You’ll be able to leverage powerful features and benefits including:

  • The flexibility to scale up or down as your needs change
  • An effective, intuitive user interface
  • Leading application integration – Salesfore.com, Microsoft Outlook, etc.
  • Total control, right from your fingertips (through desktop  browsers and mobile devices
  • Limitless call routing features for optimal productivity

Rest easy knowing no physical data means nothing can be lost – stored safe and sound in the cloud – and that all equipment is stored and maintained in a certified facility where your data is backed up and prepared for any disaster. And in the cloud, you are guaranteed the best call and voice quality.

With your phone and data in the cloud, the world is your office! Connect to your desktop anywhere at anytime as your mobile workforce can now truly go mobile.

Make the Switch!

Interested in switching to VoicePro Cloud VoIP? Contact us to discuss receiving a customized quote detailing the benefits of utilizing our innovative products and services. When you are ready, we’ll install your new phone system with ZERO downtime, so you can get back to business.

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