Business as usual today is not what it used to be. Companies require more mobility, more flexibility, easier information sharing and protection now more than ever in today’s business world.

Push your IT beyond the desktop. It’s a cloud world, so why not embrace it?

VoicePro Networks’ Workspace as a Service (WaaS), powered by CloudJumper, is the next great step forward for WaaS solutions. With all your IT in the cloud, VoicePro takes the hassle out of IT, leaving you to get back to what’s important – business.

VoicePro Networks’ WaaS offers cost efficiency, hassle free IT, anywhere remote access and control and stronger data security than ever before!

  • IT Simplified: The costs of setting up and managing servers, equipment and staff are eliminated. VoicePro Networks takes care of it all saving you time, money and stress.
  • Work Anywhere: Your workspace is in the cloud, accessible from all your devices. Once in your workspace, work as you always have, connecting to your desktop, applications, email and data anywhere you need.
  • BYOD Support: Your new WaaS lets you enjoy cost-savings and the productivity gains from your staff having anytime access to their desktops as more and more companies adopt Bring Your Own Device practices.
  • Business Continuity: With VoicePro Network’s WaaS, your business can rest easy knowing your disaster recovery plan keeps your entire computing infrastructure safe within cloud data centers, readily available to all of your employees from any computer in case disaster strikes.
  • Security with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: We take security seriously. Data backups, spam filters, anti-virus, protection from data theft and seamless disaster recovery are just a few of the many ways we keep you safe and secure.

We also know every business is different, so VoicePro Networks’ WaaS provides almost limitless customization with over 2,000 hosted applications, plugins and utilities along with a host of other incredible features.