VoicePro, Inc. Partners with CloudJumper

VoicePro, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been certified to represent CloudJumper and will now be providing clients with top-of-the-line and customizable IT network solutions. This status recognizes VoicePro as one of the top providers of telecommunication and IT services in Missouri and a commitment to providing their customers with the best services and solutions.

VoicePro now provides customers with nWorkspace, powered by CloudJumper. nWorkSpace represents that next step in cloud computing — beyond just the desktop. VoicePro Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution makes customers’ IT hassle free IT, and provides anywhere access to business desktops, with more control, and multiple levels of security.

“We are extremely pleased to join forces with CloudJumper,” said Joel Gebauer, Director of Business Development at VoicePro. “VoicePro is always striving to provide the best services to our customers, and the support we now have from CloudJumper allows us to bring a whole new dimension of connectivity, security and ease.”

See for yourself what VoicePro can do for your company’s IT needs.

 About VoicePro

VoicePro, Inc. was established in 1988, based out of Earth City and serves the telecommunication and IT needs of the greater metropolitan St. Louis area. By partnering with services like NEC, Zultys and now CloudJumper, VoicePro stands on the frontline as a leader in voice, data and network products and services such as Business Communication Systems, Voice Messaging and Processing, Unified Messaging, Rich Presence/Call Logging/Desk to Chat, Voice Over (VoIP), Call Center Solutions, Call Recording, Disaster Recovery, Help Desk Services, Cloud IT Services and Workspace as a Service.

For more information about CloudJumper, visit their website and

Take Your Company’s IT to the Cloud

Businesses that take their IT seriously know that a business managed through the cloud runs smarter and more efficiently than those that rely on similar premise systems.

Simply put, cloud computing – or using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data – offers far more benefits for a business’ IT than the traditional, old route of working off a local server.

That is why VoicePro has joined forces with CloudJumper.  With nWorkspace powered by CloudJumper, VoicePro clients can rest easy knowing from top to bottom, all their business’ IT is in the best of hands.

So, what can you expect from taking your business to the cloud?

IT Simplified

VoicePro takes the hassle out of IT and simply gives you what you want: a manageable, inexpensive and non-distracting system.

The cost of setting up and managing equipment, servers and staff can seriously add up quickly if you take the hard road and try to do it all yourself.  VoicePro gives you the support you need, taking care of all the setup, maintenance and care of your system, letting you get back to what’s important – business.

Work Anywhere

Taking your workspace to the cloud lets you envelope all your internet devices under one network, not just your business phone and desktop.

Once you are within a shared network, connecting to your desktop, applications, email and data from anywhere on any device is a breeze. Its business as usual, in unusual places.

BYOD Support

But, what about security breaches?  With limitless access anywhere your employees want and a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) attitude in the workplace, won’t the comings and goings and turnover of employees put your data at risk?

Without the cloud, you severely put your business in danger.  VoicePro’s workspace as a service provides you cost-saving and productivity gains from having anytime access to employees’ desktops for an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Business Continuity

Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice, including severe weather (Hurricane Matthew), power outages & internet crashes.  They all can leave your business in ruins if you aren’t properly prepared.

Not with a business that thrives in the cloud!

With nWorkspace from VoicePro, all of your data, contacts, information and files are stored and kept safe in the cloud, able to be recovered easily and accessed anywhere if the need to relocate or work in a new location should arise.

99.9% Security

As a thriving business, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your security and dealing with unwanted distractions and threats.

Data backup, spam filtering, virus protection, data-theft protection and disaster recovery plan support are just a few of the many ways you are kept safe and secure with VoicePro’s service that is located in  Tier IV data centers.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, a business supported by VoicePro is more versatile, prepared and secure.  Across the board, every level of your company can benefit from these kinds of services.

Employees are provided with the latest technology and updates, have the ability to work from anywhere and still have data protected and synched while always being supported by a knowledgeable team.

Upper-level management arguably has the most to gain.  VoicePro’s nWorkspace service eliminates the pains of setting up your system while having the ability to take control of your IT costs.  Your company’s information is also safe from hacks, ex-employees and disasters.

Are you ready to take your company’s IT to the cloud? With nWorkspace, powered by CloudJumper, VoicePro offers the best bang for your buck in cloud IT solutions.  Contact us today to get your business on the path to ease and efficiency.