Why More and More Business are Going VoIP

In this day and age, most would agree that utilizing a VoIP phone system in your business just makes sense. In fact, one-third of all business are using them and research trends point to a growth of almost 10% from 2014 to 2020.

So, why has a system introduced 20-some years ago become a major boom in the business world today?

Changes in technology have improved VoIP, features and functions year after year. Changes to how the world conducts business. These changes have all contributed to a growth in VoIP usage.

Here is a more in-depth look at some of the key reasons VoIP is the present and future of business communication.


The world is more connected than ever, especially in the world of business. Many business, even smaller or more localized ones, utilize oversea employees, clients and contacts, multiple branches within a state or across the country and employees and employers are traveling more than ever.

VoIP allows for instant and easy communication across any distance, whether it is a branch across town or across the Pacific Ocean. New VoIP phone systems allow for communication anywhere, anytime. Without this level and efficiency of communication, many businesses cannot keep up with demands of modern business operations.

Business Priorities

Getting something done as quickly and as cost efficient as possible is Business 101. VoIP systems are as easy to install as ever and come with low overhead costs.

Hosted VoIP systems, for example, are stored and maintained by an off-site provider, so installing a hosted system for your business is as quick and easy as hooking up the phones and internet. And no equipment and installation translates to low up-front and monthly costs.

In addition, managing the growth of your business and phone system is a breeze with the ease of adding, removing or relocating lines.


Not all business is conducted at the office anymore. There is a growing need to be able to conduct business anywhere at any time with the rise of smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Combine that with the constant travel requirements for many employees and executives, hotels, airport terminals and even your home need to have the same kind of communication capabilities as the office. VoIP makes these requirements possible, connecting office phones and computers and mobile phones and computers under one network.

Technical Support

Let’s face it: not everyone is an expert on phone systems – a shocking revelation, I know. Sometimes things go wrong and it is the duty of the provider to resolve this problem.

With VoIP, users can receive 24/7 internet-based support, eliminating the need for an on-site technician. Many VoIP providers also offer IT services and training.

VoIP Quality Continues to Get Better

The biggest reason for VoIP expansion is the simple fact that it is a superior system that keeps getting better over time. Voice quality, efficiency, ease of use and helpful features all come give VoIP the edge over other systems

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 About VoicePro

VoicePro, Inc. was established in 1988, based out of Earth City and serves the telecommunication and IT needs of the greater metropolitan St. Louis area. By partnering with services like NEC, Zultys and now CloudJumper, VoicePro stands on the frontline as a leader in voice, data and network products and services such as Business Communication Systems, Voice Messaging and Processing, Unified Messaging, Rich Presence/Call Logging/Desk to Chat, Voice Over (VoIP), Call Center Solutions, Call Recording, Disaster Recovery, Help Desk Services, Cloud IT Services and Workspace as a Service.

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