How VoIP Can Improve the Customer Experience


Customers are the most important part of any business. Without them your business has no chance of thriving. A group of loyal, happy customers can be a deciding factor on the success or failure of an organization.

A happy customer can do a lot for you. They will most likely come back to you again and again and they are also likely to help spread the word about you, helping you reach new audiences and potential customers through word of mouth. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2012, 92% of respondents said they trust their friends’ recommendations.

Additionally, it was shown that a customer will inform an average of 9 friends about a positive experience, while telling 16 of a negative experience.

With that at stake, keeping customers happy and constantly improving the customer experience needs to be a top priority for any organization.

One way to help increase customer experience is to improve the way you communicate and connect with them. An efficient, top-of-the-line VoIP phone system can make all the difference when dealing with customers.

Really? Yep! We’ll walk you through why.

Never miss a call

VoIP phone systems are equipped with numerous advanced features like Find Me/Follow Me and call forwarding. They help ensure your business and employees never miss a call from your customers.

Find Me/Follow Me enable one call to register on multiple phones simultaneously. So, if one person is unavailable the call can be answered by another to talk to the customer.

Call forwarding lets employees have their work and mobile phones connected. A call made to the office when they aren’t present will automatically be transferred to their mobile device.

All of this combines to reduce customers’ time spent listening to a ringtone, on hold and drastically reduce unanswered calls.

VoIP extends support hours

VoIP systems are Internet-based, enabling them to possess complete geographic mobility – connection from anywhere. With this perk, business can hire remote workers who are available for 24-hour customer care to the public.

As long as you can have an employee available when your customers are, your business can guarantee customers can have their problems taken care of no matter the time of day.

VoIP auto attendant

Your VoIP phone also comes equipped with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The IVR allows callers to manually select options from a list and be automatically transferred to their extension without a live representative.

Although this option removes a little bit of your company’s human element, it is a strong alternative if you do not have the resources to hire remote workers or a secretary. IVRs reduce labor and overhead costs of businesses while also reducing miscommunications for the caller.

VoIP increases phone call speed

With standard telecom networks, callers – even frequent ones – have to provide their representative with information every time they call, which is a tedious and time-consuming repetition.

However, a VoIP setup will automatically retrieve all the client’s information every time they call. This kind of efficiency get answers to customers faster and cuts back on their time on hold, which can seriously hurt satisfaction.

VoIP saves you money

This may not sound like a benefit to your customers. To your business, maybe, but not your customers. However, consider the results of being able to save on phone expenses and what that opens up for you.

The cost of VoIP is lower than a standard telecom network – both in upfront costs over time – which lets you cut down on your businesses overhead budget. Your overhead factors into pricing. Therefore, with fewer costs, your business will be able to offer lower prices on goods and services, keeping your customers satisfied.

With VoIP, businesses have the opportunity to provide a smoother, faster and more efficient communication process with their customers, substantially increasing their customer service abilities.

Ready to take the step to providing the best customer service possible? VoicePro’s team of professionals are ready to work with you. We will find the VoIP setup that best fits your needs and equip you with the knowledge and know-how to use it. Contact us today.

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