What is the Internet of Things, and how is it changing VoIP?

It feels like everything these days has Internet and communication capabilities. Whether it’s your refrigerator that lets you know your low on groceries or a parking lot that tells you when a spot is available, everything is connected. In fact, according to Cisco, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.

This is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). It allows objects to connect to sensors, which communicate with data from the Internet to provide improved functionality and information. IoT is rapidly shaping the business and consumer landscape, connecting everyday appliances with the Internet to give us a cleaner, better and smarter world.


It is even changing the world of VoIP.


Since VoIP is an internet-based phone system, your VoIP phones and all these different devices share the ability to be connected to each other anywhere, anytime and over any device. They all flow over the same network.

You can connect to your calendar, so all your VoIP phones are notified of upcoming events. Messages from your smartphone can be programmed to automatically drop into your email and your VoIP phone. You can connect with your car to send alerts to your phone when it needs maintenance, or even just get alerts in your car away from the office. You can even adjust the temperature on your thermostat without having to leave your seat.


So what do some of these innovations have to do with business?


All this boils down to giving you a smarter office. Connecting VoIP to the IoT can build an office that works faster, smarter, more efficient, from anywhere at any time. More and more businesses have or are currently making the switch to VoIP because it decreases the costs of business ownership, while improving efficiency for users. Imagine the possibility of pairing the potential of a connected world with your VoIP phone.

Picture equipment that notifies your company for the need for maintenance via text or email, eliminating the runaround of contacting and scheduling. All done automatically. Imagine crafting a smart home, giving you the ability to stay just as connected but in the comfort of working from home, or any location. The possibilities are endless when everything around you can be integrated with your VoIP.


When it comes to communication, desktop computers and PC’s are falling by the wayside because of the ease and efficiency of VoIP. VoIP is a powerful business tool on its own, but when connected to the IoT, it significantly enhances a person’s ability to conduct work and connect with other employees.

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